CORONA Ionenhochtöner

A Plasma Speaker build by Otto Braun

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    Plasma Speaker from the CORONA Acoustic GmbH

    Perfect like the ear

    This Plasma speaker was build in the rooms of Otto Braun's company around 1978. The name of the company was CORONA ACOUSTIC GmbH. The company start in 1977. 1999 the company was closed and Mr. Braun sold the rights for his speaker to Mr. Lansche who has a little company in Konstanz.
    Here is the Adress :

    Ing. Büro Lansche
    Wallhauser Str.12
    78465 Konstanz

    Tel. +49 (0)7533 97001 Fax +49 (0)7533 97002

    The speaker get quick a good name in the scene, because it had the best dynamic and efficency of the plasma speakers in this days.
    3 types were build
    Type 314(324) with 93dB
    Type 414/434(424/444) with 94dB
    Type 514 with 96dB

    A CORONA Plasma Speaker on top of my JERICHO HORN

    Otto Braun sold his speakers from beginn on as OEM Versions for speaker designers, so that there were many type of different systems sold with his plasma speaker.

    Inside CORONA

    There was nothing new inside. It was the same principle as the Ionopphone and the other plasma speakers at this time. A self oscillating circuit with a EL519 (PL519 or 6DQ6) tube. Modulation with a transformer on gate 2 of the tube.
    The good efficency comes from the Horn. It has a smooth contur and was well calculated.
    The little air coil on top of the big resonator coil is against uncontrollated RF.

    This is a good picture to see how this tweeter is build.

    A older Version with a separate power supply and a black horn.

    Quellen :
    brochure from Corona Acoustic GmbH
    own pictures

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